Call for Submissions: Tiny Terrors

We are currently closed for submissions for the Tiny Terrors short fiction program. Please check back in October 2024.

Tiny Terrors is our short fiction program for when a novel just won’t do. Just a short shocking scream to keep you awake at night …

Please see our general Submissions page for information about our standard Submissions requirements and process.

Submission Requirements

Your story:

  • should be at least 5,000 words in length and no more than about 12,000 words.
  • should not contain erotica, or excessive violence or gore.
  • can be part of an ongoing series you might be writing.
  • can have been previously published (with proof that you hold the current publishing rights).
  • may be submitted simultaneously to other markets (but please let us know when you submit your story).

Send us your complete, finished manuscripts in digital (.DOCx, .RTF, or .ODT) format using this form: Graveside Press Submission Form.

Please use a standard manuscript format. If you’re not sure what one is, here’s a good source.


Payment will be:

  • $0.02 per word
  • five (5) trade paperback contributor copies
  • access to ten (10) digital contributor copies

Contacting Us

Please allow up to 90 days for us to make a decision regarding your story. If you have not heard back from us after 90 days, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us form.

If you’re not sure if your story is something that we might be interested in publishing, please feel free to query us at tinyterrors (at) in advance of submitting your manuscript.