Our Code of Conduct

One of the foundations of our mission at Graveside Press is non-discriminatory inclusiveness. This means that, just as we welcome the submission of stories from all genres and authors, we also require that our authors and staff interact respectfully with our audience, regardless of their gender identification, sexual preferences, race, etc.

We, the Graveside Press management team, have a zero‑tolerance policy toward “hate speech” of any kind — be it an expression of fascism, white supremacy, or any other forms of racist and discriminatory behavior. Racist language, ideas, positions, dogwhistles, and assertions, will be considered unacceptable in any posting that is in any way associated with [content field=Imprint_Name] and will not be tolerated.

We also expect our authors and staff to refrain from:

  • expressing personal opinions that do not reflect the professional opinions of Graveside Press
  • sharing posts that, intentionally or not, negatively represent or impact another person or group of people

The Graveside Press Professional Code of Conduct is not limited to the statements made above. Use your common sense and human compassion when interpreting this policy.